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“We would like to say a big thank you to you and your organization for all the work and relentless follow-up you did for my son Vishal Vijayachnadran. We approached Brilliant Choice International came at a very critical time with very few options. But you seemed to pull a rabbit out of the hat for us. Managed to get him into the BDS program, (TSMU, Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia) was most commendable and We thank you for your patience and perseverance, for all the extras you did, working on your day off, etc. We as parents feel that you made our son feel like a special case and not just another number that so many other career counselors do. We appreciate your personal care and attention and even after Vishal started, I am touched that you actually followed up by asking about how he was settling in. We have and would continue to highly recommend you and your organization to people, not only as a very competent outfit but also as an organization that truly cares about the individual child and the parents. Full marks to you and keep up the great work that you are doing.” Many thanks for everything again,
Candidate : Vishal Vijayachnadran(BDS program, TSMU, Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia)
Parents: Shanmugam Vijayachnadran & Vijayachnadran Anupriya
“ Brilliant Choice International is an experienced educational consultancy and professional when it comes to guiding both student and their family through the process of selecting the right college according to their budget, documentation and applications, admissions, interview and visa processing, till the time to travel, housing and settling in. This process was an emotional one for our Daughter, but we could see “ Brilliant Choice International’ mentoring her, she had to get over her apprehensions about going over to a new country to pursue her dreams. “ Brilliant Choice International’ was available at all times for advice. We would definitely recommend “ Brilliant Choice International’ services to aspiring students and their families. Keep up the great work !” Warm Regards,
Candidate: Adelin Ginoy (MD program, University of Georgia)
Parents : Ginoy George & Tinu Ginoy
"When we started looking for colleges for our son Brijesh Antony, we had no idea how and where to begin. We met Brilliant Choice International Education Consultants and they took care of everything. It didn't end there.. even now they keep in contact with our son to check if he has adjusted to his new life. Trust Brilliant Choice International Education Consultants and you can put your worries to rest" Thank you! Regards
Candidate: Brijesh Antony, (MBA, Malta)
Parents: Antony Varghese & Sajimol Thomas
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brilliant Choice International’ for helping me with the smooth transition in deciding on the best college to pursue my higher education. Once again I appreciate you for helping me right from the start, for patiently telling me the minute details and making the effort to call me daily, and keeping me updated on things. Looking forward to having a closer relationship with Brilliant Choice International for your great advice and professional views !!
Shawn Antony
B.Com LLB (Christ Academy, Bengaluru, India)
“We strongly recommend Brilliant Choice International for anyone who is struggling with the next steps of their Educational Career guidance and admission process. Brilliant Choice International truly cares about its candidates. The format of guidance is efficient for anyone with a busy schedule. They are a valued advisor who offers intellect, vision, strategy, and action steps, all with encouragement and keeping us accountable to the next steps of each and every process during the admission.” Their services have been very professional and excellent, Thank you very much.
Candidate: Avantika Sujith (MD program, University of Georgia)
Parents : Sujith Kadumthuruthy Somasundaran & Indu Sujith
“We have availed of ‘Brilliant Choice International’s services to find and enroll at one of the well-known Universities in Georgia. They helped us through the interview, offer letter, government’s approval application procedures, etc. They offered all the required help for applying for a D3 visa and TRC (Temporary Resident Card) Also, they supported us in each stage of the admission process which included travel and post-arrival. They have exceeded our expectations and we would recommend their services to any person hoping to study abroad.” Thank you very much.
Candidate: Navya Shree Muthaiah (MD program, University of Georgia)
Parents: Muthaiah & Maheswari
All the services provided by Brilliant Choice International’ are excellent and professional. We wish all the best wishes to Brilliant Choice International & continue the great service to all the candidates as usual. Thank you! Regards.
Candidate: Alka Merin John, (MSc Engineering Management, Berlin University, Germany.
Parents: Dr.John Philips Mathew & Shinu John
‘Brilliant Choice International’ assisted and guided us with all the aspects of our daughter's MD, Brilliant Choice International’ outstanding knowledge of Georgia universities together with their guidance helped us to find the program (MD) that was perfect for us academically and for the career as a Doctor. After several sessions with Brilliant Choice International, we think that they are not only a highly experienced educational adviser but also a caring friend. When We first thought of looking into studies abroad we were bewildered by the vast number of universities with different requirements. we remember that friends of ours recommended approaching Brilliant Choice International educational consultants. Brilliant Choice International’ made our stressful process manageable. We are glad, we got accepted into one of the most renowned Universities in Georgia, and all the university formalities and legal formalities were successfully completed in a highly professional manner, which couldn't have been possible without the relentless efforts of Brilliant Choice International’ We highly recommend Brilliant Choice International consultancy Thanks and best regards.
Candidate: Kareeshma Shameer Ahmed Khan (MD program, University of Georgia)
Parents: Shameer Ahmed Khan & Rehana Parveen
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