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MBBS / DENTAL in Georgia – General Guidelines

MBBS/MD is always a 6-year-program (5+1 year internship). Georgia follows the European Union pattern of education; hence, you will require at least 360 credits, which can be accomplished within six years. The university letters always show a 6-year-program for MBBS/MD and for Dental 5 years. Cost of living in Tbilisi, Georgia comes up to $ 300-400 per month, The Fees For Studying At Various Universities In Georgia Vary From $5,000- $8000 P/A. Accommodation for girls and boys is separate, also serve Indian meals (Both VEG & NON-VEG) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hostel fees should be paid at the beginning of every academic year, directly by the student / Parent. The fees can be remitted in two installments (Some universities). Parent/student can pay fees directly to the university account

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